Swimming Lessons in Ely Cambridgeshire

Crash Courses

Our crash courses are suitable for pupils at any level, with a focus on improving technique and developing water confidence. This includes pupils who are already able to swim.

We hold crash courses during each half term, Easter and Summer holidays.

Crash Course Swimming Lessons Cambridgeshire

Improve Confidence

Our crash courses consist of one half hour lesson each day for 4 days. This is a good introduction to swimming for your child. The aim of the courses is to build and improve water confidence in all age groups, to improve weak swimmers' strokes, and to give the younger ones an introduction to water safety and structured lessons.

Children from the age of 3 are welcome and we recommend that these children complete a crash course before starting weekly lessons.

One to one swimming lessons Ely

The Outcome

Many of the children begin to swim during the weeks' crash course. Crash courses are very useful if your child is nervous or frightened or is having difficulty in tackling a particular stroke technique during their normal lessons. Our crash courses are designed to help and to give the children fun in the water.

Term Dates

These dates are for the Academic year 2022-2023

Weekly Lessons
  • Autumn Term 1 (7 weeks)

    Caldecote: Monday 5th Sept - Friday 21st Oct 2022

    Little Thetford Monday 5th Sept - Saturday 22nd Oct 2022

  • Autumn Term 2 (7.5 weeks)

    Caldecote: Monday 31st Oct to Wednesday 21st Dec 2022

    Little Thetford Monday 31st Oct to Wednesday 21st Dec 2022

Spring Term
  • Spring Term 1 (5.5 weeks)

    Caldecote: Tuesday 3rd Jan to Friday 10th Feb 2023

    Little Thetford Tuesday 3rd Jan to Saturday 11th Feb 2023

  • Spring Term 2 (6 weeks)

    Caldecote: Monday 20th Feb 2023 to Friday 31st March 2023

    Little Thetford Monday 20th Feb 2023 to Saturday 1st April 2023

Summer Term
  • Summer Term 1 2023 (6 weeks)

    Caldecote: Monday 17th April to Friday 26th May 2023

    Little Thetford: Monday 17th April to Saturday 27th May 2023

  • Summer Term 2 2023 (6.5 weeks)

    Caldecote: Monday 5th June to Wednesday 19th July 2023

    Little Thetford: Monday 5th June to Wednesday 19th July 2023

Mermaid Experiences
  • Autumn Term

    Little Thetford Weds 28th Dec 2022

    Caldecote Thurs 29th Dec 2022

  • Summer Term

    Little Thetford Thurs 20th July 2023

    Caldecote Fri 21st July 2023

Crash Courses
  • Autumn Term

    Monday 24th to Thursday 27th October 2022

  • Spring Term

    Monday 13th to Thursday 16th February 2023

    Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th April 2023

  • Summer Term

    Tuesday 30th May to Friday 2nd June 2023

    Monday 24th to Thursday 27th July 2023

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