Inflatables pool party with CG Swim School

Inflatable Parties

Sundays or during the school holidays at our Little Thetford site only. Our maximum number of attendees is 8 children.

Parties are £150 for an hour or £200 for 1.5 hours.

There is the option of using the office for party food/activities afterwards for half an hour, for an extra £30.

We sadly do not have the facilities to provide food, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a mini fridge for you to store things in for the duration of the party.

Mermaid parties

Mer-World Parties

During our Mer-World parties, we aim to submerge our swimmers into a complete underwater world. We will train participants in using the monofins and tails to swim like a mermaid or merman, and play mermaid/mermen games once swimmers are feeling more confident. It's great fun for everyone!

We ask that participants are aged 6 and over for Mer-World parties. Please advise us in advance if any party attendees are non-swimmers or not confident swimmers so we can make adequate arrangements to support then.

Pool Parties

A great alternative to a standard birthday party!

Group Size

Upto 8 swimmers per party


£150 - £200

Party Duration

60 minute / 90 minute

Term Dates

These dates are for the Academic year 2022-2023

Weekly Lessons
  • Autumn Term 1 (7 weeks)

    Newmarket: Monday 5th Sept - Friday 21st Oct 2022

    Little Thetford Monday 5th Sept - Saturday 22nd Oct 2022

  • Autumn Term 2 (7.5 weeks)

    Newmarket: Monday 31st Oct to Wednesday 21st Dec 2022

    Little Thetford Monday 31st Oct to Wednesday 21st Dec 2022

Spring Term
  • Spring Term 1 (5.5 weeks)

    Newmarket: Tuesday 3rd Jan to Friday 10th Feb 2023

    Little Thetford Tuesday 3rd Jan to Saturday 11th Feb 2023

  • Spring Term 2 (6 weeks)

    Newmarket: Monday 20th Feb 2023 to Friday 31st March 2023

    Little Thetford Monday 20th Feb 2023 to Saturday 1st April 2023

Summer Term
  • Summer Term 1 2023 (6 weeks)

    Newmarket: Monday 17th April to Friday 26th May 2023

    Little Thetford: Monday 17th April to Saturday 27th May 2023

  • Summer Term 2 2023 (6.5 weeks)

    Newmarket: Monday 5th June to Wednesday 19th July 2023

    Little Thetford: Monday 5th June to Wednesday 19th July 2023

Mermaid Experiences
  • Autumn Term

    Little Thetford Weds 28th Dec 2022

    Newmarket Thurs 29th Dec 2022

  • Summer Term

    Little Thetford Thurs 20th July 2023

    Newmarket Fri 21st July 2023

Crash Courses
  • Autumn Term

    Monday 24th to Thursday 27th October 2022

  • Spring Term

    Monday 13th to Thursday 16th February 2023

    Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th April 2023

  • Summer Term

    Tuesday 30th May to Friday 2nd June 2023

    Monday 24th to Thursday 27th July 2023

Mer-World Reviews


Adult & Baby Lessons


per lesson

Children's Lessons


per lesson

Adults' Lessons


per lesson

Mer-world Experience


per experience

Crash Courses


per course

Pool Party


per 60 minute party

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